Our History


Established in 1991, The 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc. (The 100) is a non-profit organization providing resources to further the academic and social development of black male students in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee.

Since 1991, The 100 has served as philanthropic trailblazers in Middle Tennessee by:

  • Establishing academic enrichment programs focusing on intellectual and holistic development;
  • Providing quality education and experiential development initiatives, coupled with targeted community exposure, and
  • Investing both actively and financially in the long-term scholastic success of its program participants.

Through the commitment of its staff, members, supporters, and corporate partners, The 100 has delivered successful developmental programs including The 007, The 100 Scholars, and its current program, The 100 KINGS.

The 100 strive to counter the many negative statistics most frequently associated with black male youth.  Young black males are frequently rated the lowest in critical areas such as literacy, academic achievement, self-esteem and positive lifestyle choices. The 100 is committed to this group because we believe they can maximize their talents and gifts with the right education, exposure, experience and encouragement.

The 100 KINGS represent the cornerstone of our programmatic efforts, the leaders of our tomorrow and the future of our communities. The 100 are determined to provide young black males with an opportunity for a brighter future . . . the opportunity to rise above challenged circumstances, the opportunity to turn dreams into possibilities, and the opportunity to become a world-changer.

The 100 is an affiliate of The 100 Black Men of America, Inc., a service organization chartered in 1986 with a commitment to improve the academic and social proficiency of inner-city black youth.

The History of the 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc.